The BUSHMASTER Bungalow – The Concept: Stilted wood structure

The Bungalow is a cost effective concept ideally suited for construction on the beach, in the bush, in areas that are difficult to access, on river banks or seasonal floodplains, on slopes or unstable ground. The design is aesthetically pleasing and ideal for locations with a view. It is easy to transport and construct and is also environmentally friendly. It can be removed if necessary.

It is ideally designed as a 2 sleeper tourist accommodation unit with en-suite bathroom (shower, toilet and basin), open plan bedroom, lounge and kitchenette with 2 seater dining table, zinc, fridge and stove; under cover outside veranda. The total size of the bungalow is 33m2 (6.6m x 5m). The design size can be increased to 40m2 on request. Four of these units fit into a standard 40ft shipping container.

We also offer a brick and mortar version in 33m2 or the bigger 40m2 option of 8m x 5m with a covered 1.5m x 8m veranda in both brick and stilted wood design. See concept plans below.


Bushmaster Bungalow 33m2

Material: All SABS approved timber, roofing and cladding material.
Treated 100mm gumpole footings – height depends on slope;
Floor Joists S5 CCA treated- 152mmx 38mm evenly spaced at 400mm;
Threaded Rods – 12mm galvanized with nuts & washers
Flooring – tongue in groove treated 22mm x 140mm pine;
Wall panel frames – 114mm x 38mm S5 CCA treated pine,
Windows – top-hung pre-manufactured aluminium; Sliding door – aluminium 1500 x 2100;
Bathroom single door frame – 813 x 2023 90×45 H/wood
Inside wall cladding – 6mm Nutech; option of skimmed Rhinoboard.
Outside wall cladding – ZincAlume .47 AZ150 (26 x 2.7m) or optional pre-painted corrugated/IBR sheets, Netech 8mm shiplap, treated half-round pine, Magnaboard and a range of other options;
Pine beading for inside windows sills & sliding door : PAR treated 16mmx69mm pine
Roofsheets – Zincalume .47 AZ150 corrugated (20 x 3.6m)
Selfdrilling Topgrip roof screws – 65mm x 12 x 1.0
Zincalume Barge Boards 75mm x 75 mm x 2.4m : corners and windows
Barge Board Nutec 200×80 x3m for gables
Ceilings – 4mm Nutech attached to 50×38 purlins with H PVC joiners;
Cornices – standard Nu Doric 75mm;
Skirting – treated 70mm pine;
Lights: 4 ceiling lights (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, outside veranda);
Plugs: 5 double plug points;
DB board – 1 compact
Plumbing – 15mm & 22mm Unitwist pipe with connectors
Roof Trusses – 7 evenly spaced at approx. 1000mm at 38 degrees;
PVC square guttering – on 100mm facia boards feeding into 2200L water tank;
Outside wall frames and roof trusses below corrugated roof insulated with Radenshield reflective sisalation;
Roof – corrugated or IBR treated (chromadeck, colourbond or fibre cement) roofsheets;
Deck – covered in CCA treated decking;
Option of electric or gas water geyser.
Paint colour optional.

• Required incoming electrical, water and sewerage connections to structure not included in the above.

With a team of 2 carpenters and 4 assistants a module of FOUR Bungalows can be completed in approximately 60 days. Cost dependent on location and number of units.

For more information contact Andre’ Gauche’ BUSHMASTER South Africa P O Box 883 Sedgefield 6573 W – Cape South Africa.

Tel +27 82 4400200  Email: aoa@mweb.co.za   Web: www.bushmastersouthafrica.co.za  

You Tube VIDEO URL :   https://youtu.be/lK1GqX9RKz0


Bushmaster bungalow & tent

Kitchen dining room

Bedroom to bathroom

Bedroom & front door

Bungalow bathroom




Side view of the Bushmaster Bungalow                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   





















Design building plans 40m2 with 12m2 covered veranda in wood stilted and brick format –

Approved by the Oudtshoorn, Small Karoo Aesthetics Committee –


BUSHMASTER BUNGALOW – Stilted wood 28.09.21






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