BUSHMASTER South Africa is in the process of manufacturing selective outdoor products and concepts.

This includes the BUSHMASTER OUTDOOR TENT, the BUSHMASTER Bedroll and the BUSHMASTER Poncho.

BUSHMASTER TENT – The Design Concept


To mass produce affordable single and two sleeper tents that can be sold through retail outlets offering outdoor equipment throughout the country. The critical element is that the tent needs to be affordable, tough and small enough to be rolled into a small package. The tent also needs to be waterproof, insect proof, wind proof and have sufficient ventilation. The tent requires easy access and a person must be able to stand up in the tent. The intention is to market the tent as an affordable and practical outdoor tent.


Affordable light weight tent constructed from tough polyester 210D Oxford material. Material is adequately stitched with built-in PU coated ground sheet of the same material. The roof of the tent has two sleeves to accommodate two cross support rods of approximately 12mm in fibreglass, plastic or similar. The tent is anchored with six 250mm tent pegs on the four corners and centre through a strong eye or loop. The tent sides are supported with slot-in rods with elastic centre core and storm ropes on the 4 corners to anchor the tent in the event of wind.

Dimensions: 1000mm wide x 2200mm deep x 1800mm high.
Windows: one on either side 800mm high x 600mm wide; mosquito proof B3 netting built-in; roll down widow flaps with zips to secure;
Door: Two flaps opening to both sides 1200mm high and a total width of 600mm at the bottom; door is zipped closed from the top and two bottom sides;

Cross-support rods: Two cross-support fibreglass rods approximately 12.7mm thick x 500mm long to slide into two sleeves to create a 400mm x 400mm tent roof. Four corner bends are nickel plated .7mm machine bent;
Hanging hook: one hanging hook secured to the junction of the cross support rods to attach a nylon rope to suspend the tent structure from a tree branch or similar support if necessary; Also one hanging hook on inside for solar light;
Material: Oxford polyester 210D Oxford army green – waterproof, breathable, windproof; floor sheet 150D Oxford silver waterproof.
Support poles: 12.7mm fibreglass black
Waterproof: PU2500mm
Flysheet: 150D Oxford polyurethane PU coated
Storm ropes: nylon 3m ropes with toggle attached to 4 top corners to stabilise for wind
Extras: 6 galvanised 250mm tent pegs; two cross-support rods; tent bag.
Packed weight: 2.8 kg ; packed size 600mm x 120mm x 120mm.

Affordable, strong, waterproof, insect proof multi-purpose outdoor tent designed to comfortably accommodate one persons or option on 2 man 2200mm x 1500mm. The tent is high enough to stand upright for convenience, to prevent claustrophobia and to have an acute angle for water run-off. This is a must-have convenience tent for kids wanting to camp, adventurers, hikers, mountain bikers, field guides, hunters, fishermen, contractors etc. or merely to have a small compact roll up back-up in your vehicle should you need to sleep outside. Tent is complimented with a designed bedroll.

Andre’ Gauche’: Bushmaster South Africa – 17 Claude Urban Drive, Myoli Beach, Sedgefield, 6573
Email: aoa@mweb.co.za Cell +27 (82) 4400200

BUSHMASTER TENT – You Tube VIDEO:  https://youtu.be/-mo7IAd9r9o


Bushmaster bungalow & tent

Bushmaster tent from side

Tent with insect proof windows








Tent & Bedroll with zip close door

Tent door with packaged size

Inside tent 2200 x 1000

Tent bedroll mattress pillow duvet



































The BUSHMASTER BEDROLL COVER is a 2100mm long x 800mm wide. The bedroll is fitted with a separate Head Dome for when the bedroll is used outside without a tent. It is sewn to the top of the bedroll and extends 600mm with a sleeve to fit 2 x 12.7mm flexible fibreglass rods as a support. The rod is anchored on either side with a tent peg. The Head dome is able to fold back and under the bedroll it not required for use. A 1300mm zip is fitted to the bedroll to zip the bedroll closed. A B3 insect net is sewn to the edge of the Head Dome to cover the opening of the Head Dome.

The side edge of the bedroll has a 100mm sewn edge to accommodate a 50mm high density matrass with a fitted sheet and a duvet or blanket. This is to ensure that there is sufficient space inside the bedroll cover for the person using the bedroll. The bedroll has two straps to secure the bedroll once rolled up.

Material: Oxford polyester 210D Oxford army green – waterproof, breathable;
Support poles: 12.7mm fibreglass black (for head dome)
Waterproof: PU2500mm

2100mm x 800mm ; roll up with matrass & sheet 800mm x 400mm diameter (excluding pillow & duvet); With soft pillow & summer duvet approx. 500 mm diameter.

Any person participating in any outdoor activity where they are required to overnight in a tent, under cover or out in the open. It is also convenient for contract workers or persons wishing to have a comfortable bedroll handy for emergencies.


The Bushmaster Bedroll

Bedroll inside Bushmaster Tent

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